Eight members came on this trek up the Derrymore Glen.  Having all assembled at Derrymore Strand car park we set off for the mouth of the glen visible above us. Crossing the Dingle Way path and over the outlet moraine and into the glen we made good progress to the small lakes with the remains of 19th century dams used to supply water power for a mill at the mouth of the river. After some refreshments it was a steep climb to the ridge between Gearhane and Caherconree, where we had great views of the surrounding hills and seascapes.  On then over Caherconree along a narrow ridge to the saddle before ascending to Baurtregaum.  We rested a while on the summit before tackling the descent over Scragg and some rough ground with long vegetation to the Dingle Way once again. Back at the strand some of the group had a dip in the sea to restore tired muscles.  Weatherwise the day was a mixture of wind and sun some low clouds and showers towards evening. We all finished the outing with a well-deserved meal in Blennerville.

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