144444 20180930_163805 20180930_164144 20180930_164329 20180930_164402 20180930_164426Ten members set out on today’s walk.  We slogged up Slievecushnabinna while the temperature seemed to drop and the wind started to puff in our ears.  Heading towards Dawson’s Table, the puff increased to a strong blow.  Lunch at the top of Galtee Mor, but shelter was hard to come by.   It was getting colder all the time and fingers were getting numb; it was time to move onto Galtee Beg.

That’s when the fun started.  A howling wind was coming up the back of the Galtees, making it extremely difficult to stand never mind walk.  In best CMC tradition, we battled against the elements and made it to Galtee Beg, checking our numbers constantly in case a walker may have taken off like Mary Poppins. All were correct and present, so we made our way to Cush with the sun appearing and clouds disappearing.  A breath-taking vista of the Galtees appeared behind us and then you realize why we suffer wind and rain to witness and share such a view.  Our day took six hours and despite our battle with the “elements” it was a very rewarding and fulfilling experience.