Cork Mountaineering Club is affiliated to Mountaineering Ireland and fully adheres to its environmental policy. Our members are aware of and follow the Leave no Trace principles. As walkers and climbers we are privileged to visit some very special places. While mountains might appear rugged they can easily be damaged even by our own activity. So as hill-walkers we take our responsibility to care for the mountains very seriously.

  • We fully realise that all land in Ireland is owned and that there is no legal right of entry , even to state owned land. Fortunately the majority of landowners allow access for recreation. However continued access depends upon us behaving responsibly.
  • We endeavour to maintain a positive relationship with private and state landowners in order to preserve goodwill and ensure continued access.
  • Car-pooling is recommended.
  • Park in designated areas when possible. Always avoid blocking entrances or narrow roads.
  • No dogs are allowed on walks. This is to avoid worrying of livestock.
  • We choose robust routes and encourage our members to stay on existing paths to minimize erosion.
  • The club supports Mountain Meitheal South East in its work.
  • Leave no litter after you.

Through these actions we will continue to enjoy positive experiences in our beautiful mountains

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