PHOTO-2019-05-06-09-19-02 PHOTO-2019-05-06-09-19-13 PHOTO-2019-05-06-09-19-26 PHOTO-2019-05-06-09-19-35 PHOTO-2019-05-06-09-19-48 PHOTO-2019-05-06-09-20-12 PHOTO-2019-05-06-09-20-27 PHOTO-2019-05-06-09-20-34There were twelve walkers out.  Our route took us into the Glounreagh Valley, over the footbridge, up to the col (540m) and down into the Blackrock Glen via the zig-zags path.   Lunch was enjoyed at the picturesque ford, before climbing again to the balcony path above the Blackrock river.  Our return took us up again, past an abandoned farmhouse and along the Attychraan trail back to King’s Yard.