Five members enjoyed this walk on the peaks above the Glanrastel valley.  It was a beautiful day of sunshine and clear skies, with just enough breeze to keep the midges away. As we gained height, the views opened out around us – Hungry Hill, the Skelligs, the Paps, the Reeks (Carrauntoohil under clouds), the Gap of Dunloe, Sheep’s Head, with the sea wrapping around the peninsula to our north, west, and south. A mystery wall perched near the drop off – what purpose could it serve and who built it?  Then onwards up to Knockowen’s rocky peak for lunch and photos of the panoramic views. After lunch we headed to Cushnaficulla then onto the Caha lakes before dropping down to the Glanrastel river. The water was low and we easily walked across the river to climb north to Droppa, then down towards  Glanrastel Lake.  A few more pictures and then down to the track leading to the ruined houses and lazy beds, across the river again and back to our cars.

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