Judging by the happy campers on our return, we will have to do it again!  On Saturday, five of us stepped aboard the ferry for our weekend Blasket adventure. We claimed the prime camp site and pitched our tents right above the beach.   Some of us went for a swim and a spot of seal-watching.  As the evening drew in the seals gathered in the water, heads bobbing, then they slowly and cautiously pulled themselves ashore to bed down for the evening. They are a noisy bunch before they settle! We fell asleep lulled by the rhythm of the waves and vaguely heard the Manx shearwaters coming home to roost.  We awoke early to the sounds of the seals getting ready to go back to the sea – about 300, we estimated.  They slowly curled and stretched and did what looked like seal Pilates before gradually plunging back into the sea, keeping us enthralled right through breakfast.  Then we broke camp, squeezed in another little swim and made our way to the slipway ready for our ferry.  Magic!A20190706_121156 B20190705_214236 C20190706_002445 D20190706_011556 E20190706_130700 F20190706_215428 G20190707_103649