Holly Walk:  12 members indulged in coffee and scones at Muckross House before taking a leisurely walk through the parkland. They stopped to admire Torc Waterfall in full spate before climbing steeply to Torc Old Bridge, where they enjoyed their lunch.  They claim to have had no rain (!) all day.  They resisted the temptation to go shopping en route back to their cars, but were lured by more coffee, this time with cake.

Holly Walk, Killarney 14th December 2017

Mangerton:   Seven hardy souls made a brave attempt on Mangerton in atrocious weather.  The early rain developed into sleet, then snow, helped along by a bitter wind.  At the Punchbowl, a group of three carried on to the summit while the rest took advantage of the shelter to have a quick hot drink and sandwich, overseen by a solitary raven, before turning for home.  Our photographer  refused to take photos of the epic on the grounds that his fingers were too frozen even to open his lunch box, never mind work a camera!  As consolation for the freeze, he was the only one to spot two deer lurking shyly in the gorse on our return.

Mangerton Holly walk, with Brendan. 001 Mangerton Holly walk, with Brendan. 003