Apart from failing to rendez-vous with one of our members at the start (!), everything went well. 22 of us followed the way- marked way through the wood, and sat down for lunch just before we met the road. Unfortunately that was when a drizzly shower started, but luckily it didn’t come to much. We then donned our hi-viz and returned via road and track. The first part of the track had just been surfaced since the recce and wasn’t exactly comfortable to walk on. Further on we got some nice views over the countryside, and some hills we couldn’t identify as – typical! – we were on the corner of the map.  Oh, and we lied; technology revealed that the promised 13 km distance was, in fact, only 11.5 kms.  Strangely enough, there were no complaints about the reduction, everyone enjoyed the walk and most went for a meal afterwards.

Glansheskin Wood Walk with Heather 26th November 2017