Yet again, last Sunday provided us with the opportunity to show off our bad-weather navigation skills and proved the benefit of identifying alternative/ escape routes at the recce stage.  The day began with five members ascending to Sugarloaf via Grubb.  Weather deteriorated however and, by the time we arrived at Knockmealdown (794m), the sky had fallen leaving us with no views.  After lunch we met with a solitary Dub, on his second day’s walk in the area but in a hurry to see the match, and he kindly took our photo – which has since disappeared into a “cyber-mist”.  The attempt to head northwards onto Knockshane did not go well.  We found ourselves descending steeply and, as it didn’t feel right, we re-traced our steps.  Thoroughly soaked by now, we decided to return to the Vee by the St Declan’s Way track.  The walk took longer than expected but despite the rain and wind all appeared to be happy to have come out on the day.