Yes, there were two walks today but, since the same horrendous weather conditions led both groups to the same sensible and safe decision to cut the route short and descend to warmth and safety, we’re doing a composite report.  Photos were out of the question; just one from each group, at the start. It was a lesson in the value of a fully-stocked change bag, to include underwear and a towel.  Most of us learn that one the hard way!

20190113_113514 MAO_7606

Ten walkers went for O’Loughnan’s Castle, climbing steeply from Glengarra Wood to the slopes of Knockeenatoung, battling driving rain and strong wind the whole way.  It was a day when “the only people happy out there were the sheep”.   Nineteen walkers went for Galtybeg. They started the day fully kitted out in their best wet-weather gear, in spite of which the driving rain soon had them soaked.  Despite expressions of disappointment from some (yeah, right!!), they also took the safe option and returned to base, not even stopping for lunch.  Our post-walk gathering in Mitchelstown was a convivial affair, and warmed us all up again.