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Once again, a superb Winter camp in a uniquely beautiful location.  11 campers trekked in to the deserted settlement at the top of the track. Tents were put up on a wide expanse of level (though somewhat spongy) ground just in front of the ruins.  Our evening walk took us into the valley, where we were treated to the wonder of a kaleidoscope-like movement of a flock of sheep from the craggy heights of the eastern side to the more luscious grazing on the western, including a river crossing, all orchestrated by one man and his dogs.

Our eagerly-anticipated January full moon was soon obscured by clouds, but its exceptional brightness meant that the evening light was maintained.  The ambient temperature was positively balmy, so our evening meal and subsequent chat, craic and banter continued until well past midnight.  It was a pity that the lunar eclipse did not occur until Monday – some campers might have seen it!!   Our Sunday walk took us high, to the plateau of Glanrastel Lake, where we (yet again) failed to find Pluais Carraig na Scriob.  For another day!